All morning they came, the curious, the bargain-hunters, the ghouls who would later loudly proclaim that they had been ‘there’, that they had witnessed, first-hand, the wood-turner’s demise … Death Of An Artist

‘Your room is upstairs,’ she told him briskly. ‘Second left. Your mum’s old bedroom, actually.’ He didn’t move … In The Country

My Husband is a Giraffe, his Wife often told her friends (who were also her work-mates) and he supposed that in a way she was right, giraffes being angular, old-fashioned sorts of creatures, mainly consigned to zoos these days … The House of No Objects

I am one of many men who is capable of unspeakable acts. There is this surging, petty cruelty that we cannot control … The Green Toy

Our lives, thought Augustine, do not have to be shaped by large events. A single moment is often quite sufficient … Augustine’s Birthday

One summer … there is a plateau of grey sand and a fuzzy, pubic line of seaweed marking the outgoing tide. I am broken on a towel, wet belly coated with grit, sunglasses crystallising the light, my flabby flanks reddened with burn. You are sitting some distance away, reading a book … One Summer

The noises always begin as soon as she awakes … A Quest For Silence

When Baji went home that afternoon, his older brother Magnas said in his couldn’t-care-less way, “Old man Muni wants you to work at the shop this afternoon.” … Baji

Shamir’s father was a warrior. At least, that was how he told it. His family had risen like smoke from fiery volcanic craters … Shamir

4 thoughts on “stories

  1. I would love to read commentary or analysis of the short story “First Kiss”. I want to use it as part of a short text unit where we break down character, relationships, conflict, theme, and figurative language for study

  2. Hello Mr.Yaxley,
    I am a student of a school who has read “Shorts”, sadly I have miss placed my book, and I need to write a essay on the stories, yours mainly. Id just like to ask if I could know what stories of yours are in the book.
    Thank you!

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