If eyes are the window to the soul … Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

What you were once but are no longer … The Business of Resolutioning

This is the story of … the-goose-and-the-girl

Sometimes, inadvertently, we tread into minefields … It’s A Dog’s Life

A confession; for some time now I’ve been having … The Affair

After a recent return to Tasmania … Where Is Home

Lego is surely one of the great emblems of childhood … The Boy, The Joy

The end must remain in question … When Doves Try

Reading, like dining, is not simply about eating and swallowing … The ReRead

Why have we moved to Causemania? … Because We Can

Call me a snob – ya snob! – but the perils of public transport are enough to make one yearn for lifelong hibernation … The Perils of Public Transport

I was acting as a character in my play being directed by someone else … Pass The Baby

Harry L-O-V-E-S Leonard Cohen. Me too … Church Of The Common Man

What happens when the visual arts become nothing more than visual … Kiss My App

When you travel, you find out: MOST about yourself; THEN about your companions; THEN about the people and places you’re visiting … Reflections on Nepal

The footy people at the Gabba on that Thursday night were magnificent … Thursday Night At The Gabba

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