What price a pearl? …What Price A Kiss

‘You must remember this …’ A Kiss Is Not A Kiss

heard a story about a man … Anecdote

the irony is that it’s a single life … At Work Slowly Bleeding

Sometimes I get to thinking about this mate of mine … Brevity

My son, brown and lithe … Haiku On The Beach

It’s strange how … Port Arthur

In Australia, Romeo wouldn’t have done it that way … Romeo In Australia

this morning the corrugation varies … Shells (At Keppel Sands)

The quest for speed begins with the onset of boyhood … Speed

tiny dots, we … Stormy weather

6 thoughts on “poetry

  1. Hi Mr Yaxley, I just discovered your work and your poetry is great. I haven’t had a chance to read your books yet. I am still into writing and have my first poetry book, ‘Driftwood Words’ coming out in December through 451press. I have an Instagram page, under my name, where I like to document a little bit of my work. You were a great influence on my writing and a really great teacher. I’m a 75model so you may or may not remember me from the old Hervey Bay Senior College journalism class. So great that you’ve achieved your dreams. Kind Regards. Nekita

    1. Hi Nekita, lovely to hear from you. And yes, I do remember those heady days in Journalism. You would’ve been around 1991-92? Great that you’ve moved into poetry – something I should do more of, but I get waylaid by writing novels and other bits and pieces. I’m no expert on Instagram (or any social media for that matter) but I’ll certainly have a go at looking up your page. And all the best for your book – maybe let me know when it’s released and I’ll pick up a copy. Stay well, Richard

  2. Hey Richard, I’m in grade 11 and I’m studying your poem “Romeo in Australia” but I need to know the year it was writeen and I can’t find it stated anywhere think you could help, thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Jackson, good to hear from you.
      I’m pretty sure it was written in 2002. I’d been reading R & J in class with some students, and somehow we got onto the topic of whether or not the conventions associated with love would be similar in modern Australia – hence the poem.
      These days I’d probably have to update – maybe Romeo going online to find a ‘replacement’?
      Enjoy your study … Cheers, Richard

  3. Hi Richard,
    Studying your poem ‘Speed’ for year 12, I would like to know a little bit about the context/inspiration and information about the poem. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Jordan,
      I began to write Speed as a response to what I saw as a proliferation of young males hurting themselves or getting killed in car accidents; every day, a new tragedy in the press. But as I worked into the poem, it struck me that speed, the desire for it, retreat into it, power of it, is somehow keyed into the male DNA and is as much response as it is desire. I began to think of my father, who seemed to be somehow happier or more fulfilled when driving fast along a country highway. I thought about mates who were restless and edgy unless they were with their cars; extension of their selves, mirrors to who they wanted to be. I thought about the year after I finished school, when one former classmate was killed in a single-vehicle accident (he didn’t even have his licence) and another died on the road after playing ‘chicken’ with oncoming cars. Speed, I thought, might even be a male reaction – conscious or otherwise – to an increasingly difficult and disenfranchising world. When we feel less valued, less part of the greater scheme of humanity, we respond in a range of ways. Some accept, some withdraw, some fight back – and some seek speed; the thrill and taunt of living closer to potential violence and death, and being energised as a result of this.
      Hope this helps – good luck with your studies.
      Kind regards, Richard

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