joyous and moonbeam

J and M Website

Published by Omnibus Books (Ashton Scholastic)

Short-listed: 2014 Western Australian Premier’s Literary Awards for Young Adult Fiction

‘An uplifting story full of wonderful philosophical perceptions on life … the exceptional language and imagery is to be savoured.” (Reading Time)

‘A surprise from beginning to end. Hard to put down.’ (New Books)

‘Absolutely amazing … a must read.’ (WaggaBloggas: Children’s Literature Enthusiasts)

‘A compelling read for adults and young adults.’ (Readings Malvern)

‘An amazing book … wonderful.’ (Aussie Reviews)

JOYOUS_INTERVIEW_Courier Mail_May_2013

Good Reads Reviews

‘Books like this are why I read. To meet characters whose lives move me and teach me. In this book we hear directly from Joyous and Moonbeam as each tells of the friendship between them and they slowly reveal their lives. The reader wants everything to be all right even when you know it usually is not. Although for Joyous it is just a matter of ‘working things around’, seeing the positive in everything, his philosophy of life inherited from his father. Margaret’s letters to Joyous add another beautiful aspect to the book. A small book with a lot of power.’ (Pam)

‘This is a very gentle read with a great message. Joyous and Moonbeam, almost on the edge of fantasy world, is a delightful story. The subtlety of the message makes an impression very early in the telling. Joyous finds himself in a place for the mentally ill and befriends a young girl, Moonbeam, who is having a number of issues in her life. Joyous is an innocent young man who accepts life as it comes with a philosophy of working things around a little to see the positives in life. He has had a very difficult life and Moonbeam learns a little about life as their relationship develops. Joyous, Moonbeam and Joyous’ mother speak to us in first person style, chapter by chapter slowly revealing each others life history. A great read.’ (Annette)


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