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  1. Peter Webb

    Hello, Richard. I have just taught with This Is My Song in two Core Curriculum 100 classes at ACU Brisbane, mostly online as it has turned out. There have been some magnificent responses to the creative task we set, linking with the themes of the unit and with the Catholic Social Teachings. Perhaps you would like to see some of them….on another tangent, I wonder what would be your view, from an “old” teacher, I taught English for many years before retiring this year, of allowing a double page from each part of the novel to be used with the students I have in the next Core course, starting June 15. The University has as you know purchased a copy for each First Year student but with campus semi-closed, access for pickup is not as easy as it was. Anyway, whatever you think. Thank again for such an engaging novel and the story of its genesis is a great one also. You would be welcome to come online with the class if you wished, we are Monday 9-12, Friday 9-11, 2 weeks, starting June 15 and I use Zoom. Best regards, Peter Webb, EdD, 0419742002 pmwebb567@gmail.com

    1. Hi Peter, that’s great to hear – thanks for the feedback. I’d love to see some of the responses – I taught English for over 30 years so always interested in creative response to text. I don’t see any problem with using a few double page spreads – I doubt that would breach copyright – and yes, I’d be more than happy to join your class, maybe at a stage when they’ve got some questions? By all means drop me a line and we’ll see what we can organise. Thanks again, Richard

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