drink the air



Winner of the 2010 Queensland Premier’s Literary Award for Young Adult Books

Tom lives in Hervey Bay, Zooey in Kingaroy.

When separate tragedies bring them together, they are forced to leave their childhood lives behind in order to develop new understandings about how to cope with grief, love, friendship and, most importantly, family.

Drink The Air is a verse novel which provides an affirmation of the need to give and accept love in order to better understand the truth of our lives.

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4 thoughts on “drink the air

  1. Lisa Grenfell

    Hi Richard, seems this book is no longer available anywhere. I would love to read it because you have included “the Tempest”. Any idea where I could get a copy?

      1. Lisa Grenfell

        Cheers. Only from America! Wow. Did you ever sell Tempest? I’d love to get a copy of it. My drama teacher is very interested to see what you did with it and of course I don’t remember it well enough.

  2. Hi Lisa, Drink the Air is the story of two teenagers, Tom and Zooey, who have lost family members. They use a production of The Tempest at their school to rediscover purpose in their lives. The last quarter of so of the novel details how, in taking the roles of Prospero and Ariel, they are able to recover from the individual griefs and see a new way forward.

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